College Ready

The best way to prepare students for college and life is by teaching them to accomplish difficult tasks. The farm is the perfect place to teach students about patience, hard work, rewards, consequences and joy. Learning these lessons will help them to pursue healthy productive lives after their high school experience.

Roots Charter High School Purpose

 Roots Charter High School targets students in the greater West Valley City area and instill them with the knowledge, skills and ability to live healthy, productive and sustainable lives. Graduates are proficient in math and reading and well prepared for post-secondary education through authentic learning that develops ecological literacy, academic accomplishment, strong character, and a commitment to community.

Roots Charter High School Focus

Roots Charter High School is on a farm and strives to authenticate all the learning that takes place at the school through the farm as a labratory. Individuals are often motivated by solving real-world problems to authentic tasks. Learning is enhanced by this motivation. The Roots farm provides an array of real world problems that enable the students to try out and use the knowledge they acquire in their studies. This learning by doing and learning by solving increases retention* and helps students better engage in their studies.

*John W. Thomas, Ph. D

The purposes of Utah’s charter schools as a whole are to:

(1) Continue to improve student learning
(2) Encourage use of different and innovative teaching methods.
(3) Create opportunities for educators to design and implement programs.
(4) Increase choice of learning opportunities for students.
(5) Establish new school models and forms of accountability.
(6) Provide opportunities for great parental involvement and management.
(7) Expand public school choice.


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